There are so many threats lurking on the Internet that common sense says not to use it to avoid danger. Thanks to the appropriate tools we can significantly reduce the risk of encountering a threat. The easiest way to protect your computer against viruses, worms and other dangerous software is to install the appropriate security systems that will protect your computer. Some of them provide over 90% protection but others are not worth mentioning at all. Do not believe the marketing efforts of different manufacturers, those applications effectiveness varies a lot.

INFOMAT will provide you with leading antivirus software and will securely protect your data.

We will take care of the repair of equipment, fixing software faults, diagnostics and maintenance of equipment to ensure maximum efficiency. Systematic monitoring of the hardware and software eliminates daily problems that may arise. We provide our customers with consistent and reliable service with procedural approach to problems – even when they occur we will quickly localize and fix them.

INFOMAT will provide professional repair of entrusted computer hardware.

Hard disks, CD, DVD, memory cards or flash drives – any storage medium can be damaged. The reason could be an unexpected accident or human error. Not only knowledge, but also the right software is essential to reach high level of safety. How much your movies, photos, data or projects are worth for you? Often it cannot be measured – they are simply priceless. Do not risk entrusting it’s recovery to random people.

INFOMAT will provide efficient and professional data recovery.