IT in the company

IT infrastructure is a sensitive and complex roganism that requires constant and proffessional care. Leaving your business under our care will help you to focus on the core elements of running a company. We will repair your hardware, troubleshoot software and run diagnostics as well as maintain your network. We will take care of the repair of equipment, fixing software faults, diagnostics and maintenance of equipment to ensure maximum efficiency. Systematic monitoring of the hardware and software eliminates daily problems that may arise. We provide our customers with consistent and reliable service with procedural approach to problems – even when they occur we will quickly localize and fix them.

INFOMAT offers:

  • The latest software and comprehensive security systems of reputable companies. Their proper configuration and use will provide you with the maximum security available.
  • IT administration services for public institutions and companies. We ensure the efficiency and reliability of the IT infrastructure in the companies and institutions.
  • IT outsourcing – transferring the IT department to an outsourcer is one of the most effective strategies of business management. It allows for faster modernization and optimization of business processes. Once applied the organization can give up secondary tasks and focus on what it does best.

Key benefits of having INFOMAT as your IT care company:

  • Discounts on hardware and software
  • Better matching your investment to your business needs
  • Confidence of employment continuity for your employees
  • Ensuring data security
  • Current, useful information about changes in information technology
  • Fast hardware failure removal
  • Reduction of costs compared to hiring full-time IT professionals
  • Greater flexibility in taking actions and decision making
  • Simplification of many technical matters

Parts of our offer:

IT support includes all or some of the following. Details are based on meetings that precede signing a contract. IT support usually includes:

  • Securing company data
  • Data recovery
  • Implementation of data archiving systems
  • Data security, backup management
  • Permanently erasing data from hard disks and other storage media
  • Hardware and software training
  • Installation and maintenance of software applications
  • Repair and modernization of computer hardware
  • Consulting services
  • Administration of operating systems / servers
  • Diagnosing and fixing damaged computer hardware and computer network
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Maintenance of computer hardware
  • Providing IT consumables
  • Intermediation in the warranty and post-warranty processes of computer equipment
  • Time of arrival on site from 4 hours after the notification
  • Supplying of hardware and software

Options for cooperation

IT services can be provided by our company in 3 different variants of cooperation depending on customer needs:

  • Option I. No monthly fee. The fee for the service is calculated based on specific issue / task. The basis of the valuation is mainly the time of work performed and the cost of travel if there is no possibility of remote assistance.
  • Option II.¬†Monthly subscription fee – including the number of working hours that the company employees do monthly (performing standard, often essential work such as maintenance, data backup, etc). Additional working hours can be separately negotiated based on agreed rate.
  • Option III.¬†Only monthly subscription fee. We are at your request, with no time limit. Full package of IT services (ie. after-hours phone support).